Belts Wharf Landing Yacht Club

Belts Wharf is not a traditional yacht club, instead it is a member-driven entity more similar to a condo association. Memberships are bought and sold, and are highly valuable, since each one comes with exclusive rights to a boat slip. Some choose to rent out their slips and some choose to keep their own boats there.

Belts was built in 1992 as an addition to the Belts Wharf Landing Condominums. Although many condo owners also own slips, it is not mutually exclusive.

The yacht club consists of three floating piers (A, B, and C) which contain slips for 49 boats and feature full-length finger piers on both sides of every slip. 'A' pier is half 40' slips and half 42' slips, 'B' pier varies between 30' to 60' and 'C' pier is predominately 35' slips. The deck is constructed of Cedar and substantial renovations in 2013 included replacement of the structural beams.

The proximity to historic Fells Point is without comparison and the comraderie of boat-savy and friendly people found at Belts make this a truely desirable yacht club.